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10th - Masahee, Mamluk

             & 3xQabaq

11th - Korean

12th - Polish

Guadalupe Hills Stables

129 Guadalupe Hills Ln

Seguin, TX 78155

2017 STAR International Horseback Archery Competition

Another year, another competition over.
The Second Annual STAR International Horseback Archery Competition held at the gorgeous Guadalupe Hills Stables is finished and it was a blast. 22 competitors from 8 different states showed up and gave it their all.
We can't tell you enough how much we love this sport, this group of people, the horses, the facility.... EVERYTHING.
We want say thank you.
First and Foremost, Thank you, Samantha and Jason. Without you our competition would never happen. We are truly blessed just to know you both. The amount of time and effort you put into helping us run and maintain the competition is astounding. Your home is gorgeous and we can't think of a better place to hold our competition. Thank you for inviting us back for a second round.
We want to thank everyone who volunteered and supported us. Jessica, Mike, thank you for taking time out your lives to help pull arrows and the various other tasks we asked of you. Thank you Samantha, Donna, Jason the food was wonderful. That lasagna was the BEST. Thank you Billy for donating and cooking the brisket, everyone loved the brisket! Thank you to David who built the target stands and lent his personal RV to be used. Thank you to Mark Jones for lending his RV and helping support. Thank you Teri for all the help you provided, your knowledge was greatly appreciated. HUGE thank you to Seguin chiropractor Mark Flanagan for donating the beer, sodas and water. That was amazing and very appreciated.
Thank you to everyone who came out to watch and support the event.
Thank you to Frank. Frank is from Alaska and he flew down to watch the competition and train with the Desert Warriors SW Mounted Archery. Frank scored the entire event. Every day Frank was down at the track with his pen and he made sure every competitor's score was recorded. Frank spent ours at the end of the day finishing the scores and we just cannot express how grateful it was to have him there. Thank you Frank.
Thank you to our amazing photographers, Jason, Bei, Leah and Jennifer. The photos are stunning and we can't wait to see them all.
Thank you to each and every competitor. Without you and your awesomeness there wouldn't be a competition.
Thank you to Glenn Weston for providing the discounted Akosbow to give away as a prize. Congratulations to Kent for winning that bow!
Thank you to the repeat offenders and attenders: Diana, BJ, Joey, Greg, Leah, Allison, Bei, Hadley and Serena Lynn.
First timers at the STAR competition: Lukas Novotny, Connie, Doren, Emily, Cody, Hannah, Glenn and Tyler.
And first time ever competitors: Kent, Jennifer, Samantha, Stephen and Tess.
Each one of you did phenomenal.
Congratulations to:
1st place Winner Lukas Novotny
2nd place runner up Serena Lynn
3rd place Captain Greg Ogburn

We learned a lot this year. Thank you everyone, for being patient with us and understanding when things didn't go perfect. We look forward to improving in the future.

Lastly a few words about our STARs:

STAR Hadley and his horse Mick have come such a long way in the year since the 2016 STAR competition. Watching him succeed has been truly rewarding. Way to go Hadley you did awesome this competition. You're gonna dominate this sport one day soon.

STAR Bei not only competed and shot extremely well on horse she had never ridden before but she also managed to take some incredible photos of every competitor outside her own group. Thank you Bei, your love and dedication to both mounted archery and photography is inspiring.

STAR Stephen entered his first ever competition and showed us how much he loves his mare, Evista. When Evista started showing signs of being tired and worn out, Stephen put aside his desires to do well and looked after his girl. He rode her light and easy and the same time he never gave up or quit. He still shot when he walked her and trotted her, knowing the hits wouldn't count. Equal parts compassion and dedication.

STAR Tess shot amazingly. Tess scored in all 5 events and this was her first ever competition as well. She has put in the practice on multiple different horses, showing us how capable she is on horseback and at the same time training her own horse, Pierre, for mounted archery. We can't wait to see how well you do in Poland and everywhere else. Great Job Tess.

STAR Samantha not only hosted the competition at her home but she also stepped up and competed on the final day. She made food, took care of horses, took care of her boarding facility and still had time to be badass on the Polish track. On her second run ever she started hitting targets and by the time she was done with the event she had hit multiple targets including 2 bullseyes. Sam put up a phenomenal performance in only 3 runs. You'll be ranking in no time.

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